Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie by Philly Vape Society

Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie by Philly Vape Society

Who doesn’t like a cookie with strawberry jam?

Juice description from their site: “Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie E-Liquid by Philly Vape Society is a freshly-baked butter cookie infused with strawberry jam dunked in milk.

As I am sure anyone who has read my reviews, seen my posts on Instagram, etc… knows, my preferred flavor profile is dessert vapes. Additionally, I am a huge strawberry fan as well. As evident here.

So, when I came across this juice, I had to get it in to try and review. I haven’t had many jam vapes. I have tried pretty much the entire Jam Monster line, with the exception of the Blackberry (still trying to decide if I want to spend the money on it). I did like the strawberry, but only in small doses as it is pretty sweet, was too cloying after a bit and murdered my cotton. The apple and grape were just ok. Hence, why I am still debating trying the newest rendition, the blackberry. But, this review is not about Jam Monster. Today we are talking about Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie.

So, let’s get into it and see if this jam cookie vape was all I hoped for.

Flavor: When I opened the bottle I got an immediate hit of strawberry. And it did smell a lot like a strawberry jam. I also got hints of bakery in there. (It’s always a positive sign when the juice smells like the profile they are going for).

On the inhale, I was presented with a very pleasant strawberry jam. This was clearly a good attempt at a jam flavor. As it did not taste overly candied, nor did it taste like a natural strawberry. I’d use another way to describe it better. But honestly, jam, that is the most accurate description. When I smelled the juice, and thought about my prior jam vape experiences, I was a little worried it would be overly sweet. But to my surprise (and a good surprise) it was not too sweet. There was also a back-end bakery note coming through as well. I was getting a little cookie. But, would not say it was a butter cookie. Just a cookie note.

With the exhale, the strawberry does begin to fade and the butter cookie comes out. You get nice bakery notes of butter cookie blended with that strawberry jam to finish it off.

Cloud Production: Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie is labeled as a 70/30 blend and based on the viscosity of the juice I believe that to be accurate. It produces very dense milky clouds that linger and fall to the floor.

Throat Hit: The bottle I got was 3mg (my preferred nic level). There is almost no throat hit what so ever. This juice is super smooth. No burning or stinging out the nose or mouth.

Coil & Cotton: Going into this review, I was concerned how this juice was going to treat my coils and cotton. I have to say I was more than a little surprised at just how well they fared. I first tried this in an RDA. I used the Apocalypse Gen 2 on the Rage Sqounk Mod. I went about 3 days before changing my cotton. I also tried this in an RTA. Again getting about 3 days. Which all in all, is not too bad.

Bottle Size(s) & Nicotine MG Available: This juice is available in 100ml chubby gorilla bottles and nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg.

Closing Thoughts: This juice really reminded me of cookies I had when I was a kid. I know there were store bought varieties. However, Google failed me in finding them, or they are no longer made. I do know my mother used to make them every so often. Basically a butter cookie that you would indent the middle of with your thumb and fill that with jam. This juice was very reminiscent of that. Overall I really enjoyed it. I am almost through my first bottle and looking forward to the next. Was this an all day vape? Yes it was. It went really well with my morning coffee. But also was good all day. The flavor never faded or became cloying in the least. Will you order it again? You bet I will. It’s too good not to.

Where can I get it: You can grab a bottle here.

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vaping southerner · May 28, 2018 at 7:15 am

Awesome blog! Can someone recommend a guide ejuice for an Aspire tank?

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