Nitro’s Cold Brew – Vanilla Bean

Nitro's Cold Brew - Vanilla Bean

Nitro’s Cold Brew – Vanilla Bean. Is it as good as they say? Or another coffee vape that tastes like burnt coffee?

Juice description from their site: “”This familiar tasting favorite is one of the top sellers at most if not all coffee houses. Vanilla Bean by Nitro’s Cold Brew E Liquid contains a deep, rich coffee flavor that’s complemented by a premium vanilla bean accent and slight caramel notes. This blend will give you the earthy coffee flavor you crave with a sweetness that makes it so pleasant and tasty you’ll want to vape it non stop.

I’m a big coffee fan. I know, you’re surprised, given the name if this site right? Well I am. I love coffee and I love vaping. I pair most of my juices with coffee at one point or another. And I am always on the hunt for a good coffee juice. I honestly haven’t had many. There are only a few I can think of that got it right, without the vape just tasting like burnt coffee (which is disgusting). So when I kept seeing Nitro’s Cold Brew popping up all over the place, I had to find out how it was. Now they have 3 flavors, the Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate Mocha and Macchiato. I decided to try the Vanilla Bean first, as I that flavor appealed to me the most. I will order and review the Macchiato, but to be honest that will be all. While I love the sound of a mocha, I am not a white chocolate fan. So, while the juice might be good, not sure I want to invest any of my vape budget in it, just to be on the safe side.

Alright then, lets get into this review.

Flavor: The irony of this being a “cold” brew was no lost on me when it was delivered on a day that is was 10 below zero outside. After giving the juice a day to warm up in the house, I cracked it open and gave it the smell test. I was presented with a strong vanilla aroma with a little bit of coffee.

On the inhale the first thing that you get is a nice sweet vanilla, it is the predominant note, you also get the coffee notes there, but more on the back end. Both are mixed with a slight caramel. Oh, and the menthol. Now I wasn’t surprised by this, as I had read a bit on these juices and they are menthol, hence the name “cold” brew. I want to get it right out of the way that this is in no way an overpowering menthol. It’s there and you will know it. But it is not super strong, just enough to give it that cooling sensation.

On the exhale you get more of the coffee notes. Almost balanced evenly with the vanilla, which is still very present. The two flavors work well together, giving you the taste of drinking a vanilla bean latte. The caramel is still there. In the same way it was on the inhale. More of a complimentary note. It’s in the background rounding things out. But not overpowering.

Cloud Production: Nitro’s Cold Brew – Vanilla Bean is an 80/20 blend. It produces very nice, dense clouds.

Throat Hit: The bottle I ordered was 3mg nicotine. While this is a very smooth juice, it packs a throat hit. No, not from the nicotine they are using. You guessed it, the menthol. Now, as I said earlier, it’s not an overpowering menthol, but it is there, and it does give you a decent throat hit, which I actually found to be pretty nice.

Coil & Cotton: Given that the vanilla in this is on the sweet side, I expected it to be a little harsh on my coils and cotton. I actually found the opposite to be true. It is very coil and cotton friendly. I was able to get about 4 days out of my cotton before needing to rewick. Honestly I probably could have kept going. But with any juice, no matter how clean, I tend to change my cotton at least every 4 days.

Bottle Size(s) & Nicotine MG Available: This juice is offered in 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottles. In nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg.

Closing Thoughts: When I sat down to write this, I asked myself as I often do. How did I really feel about this juice? Well, the answer was pretty easy. It was damn good. I read and watch reviews, I’ve seen a lot of the newer juices get hyped up as being “sooooo good” only to be let down. Couple that with the fact that many of the coffee vapes I have tried in the past have been a let down. This one was a nice surprise. While it is not juice a plain coffee flavor, the vanilla adds a really nice flavor to it. Also, I should note. I am not a menthol vapor. I don’t really care for it. To be 100% honest I have one, just one bottle of menthol juice in my stock. It’s 12mg and I keep it around for vaping when I am sick. Other than that, I don’t really touch the stuff. But with this one, the menthol adds a nice touch. Would it be better without it? I can’t really say. It might be, but I like it as it is. I plan on picking up a bottle of the Macchiato on my next order to try and review as well. Is this an all day vape? For me, yes it really was. The flavor never faded, never got old and it was a pleasure to vape it all day. Would you order it again? I will be. As I said, I plan on getting another bottle for my stock, as well as picking up a bottle of the Macchiato to try as well.

You can grab a bottle here

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