Apple Fritter by Loaded E Liquid

Apple Fritter by Loaded E Liquid

Apple Fritter by Loaded E Liquid – sounds delicious, but is it?

Juice description from their site: For all of you Loaded fans, you’re going to love Apple Fritter. If you like Glazed Donuts and Cookie Butter, Apple Fritter is a must try. Like really.. There’s nothing better than homemade apple fritter in the morning with a cup of coffee. Those scrumptious little bites of caramelized apple, crispy dough, and a touch of cinnamon is just oh so heavenly. Okay, enough fantasizing about Apple Fritter. If you enjoy your vape to be warmer, get ready to increase your watts for this e-juice because it’s the perfect e-juice to do it with.

First things first, the gentle and velvety throat hit will give you the cloud production that cloud chasers dream of. When it comes to flavor, it’s got the classic flavor intensity and texture unique to Loaded e-juices. You’ll instantly notice the sweet and woody cinnamon flavor that compliments the caramelized apple well. The apple isn’t overpowering and the glazed apple paired with cinnamon is a match made in heaven. Lastly, the crisp golden brown dough completes the flavor with a delightful and elegant finish leaving your soul at peace.

Anyone who has read my reviews knows two things. One, that I love bakery/dessert vapes that pair well with coffee. Two, I have been a fan of all the Loaded juices I have tried. So, when I saw this one I knew I had to try it. Lucky for me, I caught it on sale recently. So I pulled the trigger and ordered not one, but two bottles. Risky, I know. But, I had high hopes (and it was a really good sale).

Did it live up to my hopes? Let’s find out.

Flavor: Opening this bottle up you immediately get the aroma of baked apples. Which was an encouraging sign.

On the inhale, I was surprised as despite the description and what I had read, I did not get apples as the predominant flavor. For me, I got the bakery notes first. What jumped out at me was the pastry flavor, with a bit of cinnamon mixed in. With the apple being more of a background note.

With the exhale, the apple jumps into the mix and becomes the main flavor. The pastry notes are still there, but they fall to the back. What I get is mostly apple, with hints of caramel and cinnamon. And that pastry note just coming through.

Cloud Production: Ok, so as with all the Loaded juices, this one is a 70/30 blend. But, you get amazing cloud production as always. Thick, dense clouds that linger and fall to the ground.

Throat Hit: The bottle I got was 3mg (my preferred nic level). The juice was super smooth with almost no throat hit to speak of, zero burning or stinging out the nose or mouth.

Coil & Cotton: I tried this in both a dripper as well as a tank. I cannot say this is the cleanest juice I have ever had. But, given the profile and it’s sweetness, I was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty friendly to my cotton. I got a good two days before needing to rewick.

Bottle Size(s) & Nicotine MG Available: This juice is available in 120ml glass dropper bottles and nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg.

Closing Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this juice. I have tried a lot of apple pie, apple muffin, etc… juices. Many of them have been a miss for me as the apple is too tart and bitter. Or they add to much cinnamon to the mix. With this juice, they apple is not bitter, nor is it overpowering at all. I was surprised that the apple was not the predominant flavor and that you got so much of the pastry. Now, that was a good surprise to me. As it mimicked eating an actual apple fritter in that the pastry came through before the apple, caramel, etc… Is this an all day vape? It was. Though I enjoyed it most paired with my morning coffee. I did vape it throughout the day and never got tired of it. The flavor never faded or got old. Will you order it again? I sure will. Like I said, I caught a good sale, took a chance and ordered two bottles. But once I catch a good sale again, or I run out, which ever comes first, I will be restocking.

Where can I get it: You can grab a bottle here. They have a sale going right now and you can grab a bottle for $11.90 which is an awesome deal.


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