Almond Cappuccino by Nitro’s Cold Brew

Almond Cappuccino by Nitro’s Cold Brew

The latest juice from Nitro’s Cold Brew – Almond Cappuccino by Nitro’s Cold Brew

Juice description from their site: We have combined creamy almond milk with a cool cappuccino to bring you the perfect afternoon delight!

This is the second juice from Nitro’s Cold Brew that I have had. I have a review for the first, Vanilla Bean here. If you haven’t checked it out or don’t know much about Nitro’s Cold Brew, I do have a quick little disclaimer for you.

This juice has a “cold” effect. I don’t believe it to be a straight up menthol. Most likely a Koolada. But it is important to note that. Why? Well I have heard from a lot of people that they were surprised (some pleasantly, some not so much so) that it contained a cooling agent. I mean, it does make sense as it is a “cold brew”. But I do want to point it out right up front. Look, even if you are not a menthol/koolada fan, these juices might still be a go for you. I am not a fan of anything with a cooling agent and I loved the Vanilla Bean. The way Nitro’s uses their cooling agent really adds to the juice in a good way.

Ok, so that little disclaimer is out of the way. Let’s get into the review.

Flavor: Opening this bottle up you smell coffee. Big shocker right? But, it is a light coffee note. I don’t really get any milk or almond. Just a nice coffee aroma.

On the inhale, The first two things you get are the coffee notes and the cooling. Like I said earlier, the way they use cooling it is not an in your face, freeze your throat off effect. And it is not minty at all. Now I do pick up a slight milky note as well. But not very strongly. It is more of a back end note supporting the coffee flavor.

With the exhale, the coffee stays present, but now that milk comes into play a bit stronger, along with subtle hints of the almond. They blend so well together, that it is almost impossible to pick out each note. I mean, they are there, and you taste them. But the way they are layered. It tastes just likely the drink it was modeled after.

Cloud Production: I was not able to readily find the VG/PG ratio of this juice online. However, based both off their other flavors, as well as the viscosity of this juice. I would put it right at an 80/20 blend. As expected for that ratio, it puts out nice dense clouds that linger and fall to the ground.

Throat Hit: The bottle I got was 3mg (my preferred nic level). Now, this juice is smooth. But there is that slight throat hit from the koolada. I will say it is not as strong as the Vanilla Bean. But it is somewhat present. Again though, not in a bad way. There was zero stinging out the nose our mouth.

Coil & Cotton: One word here. Clean. This juice was super friendly to my cotton. I was able to get 4 days before needing to rewick (as I have said before, that is the max I will go before rewicking with any juice).

Bottle Size(s) & Nicotine MG Available: Almond Cappuccino by Nitro’s Cold Brew is available in 100ml gorilla bottles with nic strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg.

Closing Thoughts: I love coffee and love coffee vapes. But that doesn’t mean every coffee vape is a slam dunk for me. I have had my share of bad ones. Almond Cappuccino by Nitro’s Cold Brew is far from a bad one. I found myself really enjoying this juice and reaching for it often. Not only in the morning but throughout the day as well. It is a very clean flavor. Was this an all day vape? You bet it was. I enjoyed vaping at all times throughout the day, the flavor was always solid. I never got tired of it, nor did it lose flavor through the day as some juices do. Would you order it again? Look, I am always on the hunt for good coffee vapes. This is one of them. So yes, I will be keeping a bottle (or 2) of this on hand.

Where can I get it: You can grab a bottle here.Right now it is listed at $19.99, use the coupon code VAPEFAM and get 10% off.

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